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Pakistan has significant role in Afghan Peace Process: Analysts
December 06, 2018

Rahim Ullah Yousafzai (Senior Journalist):

Pakistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan. In 2015, Pakistan tried to bring Afghan Taliban on negotiation table, but the effort was sabotaged by some elements who don’t want peace in the region. Quadrilateral Coordination Group which comprises Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and the United States, was a good forum to resolve Afghan issue.  Russia and Iran’s role cannot be ignored as for as peace process in Afghanistan.

Abdullah Gul (Afghan Affairs Expert):

It was the United States which spoiled good relations with Pakistan. It is to be noted that Coalition government is not the solution of Afghan issue. Washington wants to withdraw its forces, while Pentagon has another stance.  India cannot play significant role in peace process in Afghanistan. All stakeholders should be taken on board for the resolution of issue.  There is a beginning of good relations between Pakistan and the United States, which is a good omen for peace process in Afghanistan.

 Dr. Muhammad Khan (I. R Expert):

The United Students understand that peace in Afghanistan cannot be established in Afghanistan without the support of Pakistan.  Taliban is a big factor in Afghan issue; their role cannot be overruled in Afghan peace process. Pakistan has always offered its good offices for settlement of Afghanistan issue, but Islamabad’s efforts were sabotaged time and again even by US and India.

Brig Retd Aftab Afzal( Defence Expert):

Pakistan has very significant role in peace process of Afghanistan. After 9/11, US forces invaded in Afghanistan, but could not get their desired results. The US and its forces are totally failed in Afghanistan. Peace and writ of the state could not be established in Afghanistan. President Trump’s letter, in which he sought Pakistan’s support for peace in Afghanistan, is good step towards to get desired results.  The US should recognize Pakistan’s sacrifices in war against terrorism.

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert):

Pakistan always cooperated with Afghanistan. Pakistan tried its best to bring Afghan Taliban on table and the United States also conducted several discussions with Afghan Taliban. But those negotiations could not prove successful due to some reasons. We want peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan also invited India for negotiations for peace in the region. CPEC is also a mega project for the uplift of stable Afghanistan and entire region. This mega project will stabilize the economy in entire region.