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Rice worth $ 2.024bn exported in 11 months of FY 2019-20
July 06, 2020

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Rice exports from the country during 11 months of fiscal year 2019-20 increased 5.05 percent as compared the exports of the corresponding period of last year.

According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, during the period from July-May, 2019-20 Pakistan earned 2.024 billion dollars by exporting over 3.893 million tons of rice.

During 11 months of last financial year about 3.873 million tons of rice valuing 1.927 billion dollars exported.

Meanwhile, exports of Basmati rice during the period under review also registered about 27.62 percent growth as about 852,117 metric tons of Basmati rice worth 724.511 million dollars exported as compared 597,639 metric tons valuing 581.814 million of same period of last year.