Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has urged the political parties to make a solemn pledge that they will remain united for the cause of democracy and supremacy of constitution, rule of law while rising above their differences.

Speaking in Nuqta-e-Nazar programme of Radio Pakistan, Minister of State for Privatization Muhammad Zubair said: “For the first time in history of Pakistan, all political parties are standing united to protect the democracy. These sit-ins have affected the economy of the country. Pakistani nation wants this issue to be resolved. Democracy will strengthen as a result of joint session of the parliament. All political parties are united to save democracy.”   

Analyst Dr. Muhammad Khan said: “Pak-China friendship is immortal. The cancellation of visit of President of China will be a great setback for our country. We already have been suffering economic losses because of these unconstitutional sit-ins. Unemployment and other issues can be overcome with the investment of China in our country. China is the country that trusts Pakistan. Economy of the country will be affected to a great extent, if Chinese president’s visit is cancelled.”

Analyst Dr. Tauseef Akhtar said: “China is our trusted friend and has always helped to get us out of crisis. Economy of the country will groom with the investment of China. Investment in government or private institutions will result in elimination of unemployment, energy crisis and other major issues.”

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