Director General ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has called for further strengthening cohesion among national institutions to foil hostile narrative of the enemies of the country. Pakistan is the best country of the world and by joint efforts of the people and security forces of the country we have effectively countered all the threats facing the nation. Peace has been established in the country and there is no organized office of any terrorist organization in the country. The achievements gained in war against terror will be fortified and this war will be taken to its logical conclusion. Pakistan has an immense beyond the region due to its geographical location. Economic interests of a number of regional countries are linked with Pakistan and due to this reason Pakistan is facing threats on its borders. Our neighboring country Afghanistan is under the war for the last four decades. About fifty percent area of Afghanistan is not under the control of the under the government. Due to threats on the western border deployment of Pakistan security forces with Afghan borders is imperative to stop movement of terrorists. Border management with Afghanistan has been strengthened through fencing and setting up new posts along the border. DG ISPR said that border management with Iran is also very important and has been well protected by the deployment of security personnel. Pakistan has strong relations with Iran on the government and military level. The Chief of Army Staff will visit Iran to boost up the military relations between the two countries. Pakistan shares a long border with India at Line of Control and working boundary. India wants to sabotage Pakistan's success and gains through its nefarious designs. India is committing ceasefire violations at Line of Control in an attempt to suppress the voice of Kashmiris through the use of brute force and to hide its internal issue. India is involved in serious ceasefire violations for the last few years and maximum violations were carried out this year. He said during these ceasefire violations 222 civilians have been martyred due to unprovoked firings by the Indian Forces. Pakistan Security Forces befittingly responded these violations and will continue to do same in future. DG ISPR categorically stated that we are a peace -loving country and do not want to indulge in war but if war is imposed we have capability to effectively respond any aggression. He said 200 thousand Pakistani troops have been deployed on the western border while over 100 thousand on the eastern border. 

Brig, retired, Aftab Afzal (Defense Analyst):

Pakistan should highlight its efforts against terrorism at the international level.  The DG ISPR rightly said that Pakistan will never ever compromise on its national security and that there are no terrorist havens in our country. Pakistan is a peaceful country and always supported peace. But if any war is imposed on us, our armed forces are strongly capable to respond the aggression against the country. Nation is united and supports the security forces to ensure the national integrity and sovereignty. Some forces are imposing baseless allegations on Pakistan, but these are the efforts to keep Pakistan under pressure.

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa (IR Expert):

A strong coordination is necessary among the national institutions. There are no organized bases of any terrorist organizations in the country anymore as our security forces have destroyed the hideouts and networks of the terrorists. Pakistan is also facing security threats at its eastern and western border, but our forces are always alert. We are proud of our security forces that have been fighting a crucial and decisive war against terrorism and managed to reduce terrorism in the country to a great extent.

Air Marshal, retired, Faiz Ameer (Defense Analyst):

There are serious threats prevailing at our borders, so Pakistan is bound to depute its forces along the borders. The United States for the sake of its national interests is supporting India and alleging Pakistan for having safe havens for the terrorists in the country. DG IDPR has called for further strengthening cohesion among national institutions to foil hostile narrative of the enemies of the country. Our neighboring country Afghanistan is under the war for the last four decades yet about fifty percent area of Afghanistan is not under the control of the government. The government has managed to strengthen its writ in tribal areas that were out of control in the past.

Lt Gen (Retd) Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Leader, PML-N):

The press conference of DG ISPR has left many messages for certain elements including those who were spreading rumors of misunderstandings between the state institutions. He also made it clear that forces deputed at western borders are not for Iran or Afghanistan but its purpose is only to counter militant organizations including Taliban and ISIS. Pakistan Army is fully prepared to respond to the entire spectrum of direct and indirect threats. Our forces and intelligence agencies are closely watching the latest developments in the region and their impact on national security.

Host: Dr Shafiq-ur-Rehman

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