Director General ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has called for further strengthening cohesion among national institutions to foil hostile narrative of the enemies of the country. Pakistan is the best country of the world and by joint efforts of the people and security forces of the country we have effectively countered all the threats facing the nation. Peace has been established in the country and there is no organized office of any terrorist organization in the country. The achievements gained in war against terror will be fortified and this war will be taken to its logical conclusion. Economic interests of a number of regional countries are linked with Pakistan and due to this reason Pakistan is facing threats on its borders. Our neighboring country Afghanistan is under the war for the last four decades. About fifty percent area of Afghanistan is not under the control of the under the government. Due to threats on the western border deployment of Pakistan security forces with Afghan borders is imperative to stop movement of terrorists. Border management with Afghanistan has been strengthened through fencing and setting up new posts along the border. DG ISPR said that border management with Iran is also very important and has been well protected by the deployment of security personnel. Pakistan has strong relations with Iran on the government and military level. The Chief of Army Staff will visit Iran to boost up the military relations between the two countries. Pakistan shares a long border with India at Line of Control and working boundary. India wants to sabotage Pakistan's success and gains through its nefarious designs. India is committing ceasefire violations at Line of Control in an attempt to suppress the voice of Kashmiris through the use of brute force and to hide its internal issue. India is involved in serious ceasefire violations for the last few years and maximum violations were carried out this year. He said during these ceasefire violations 222 civilians have been martyred due to unprovoked firings by the Indian Forces. Pakistan Security Forces befittingly responded these violations and will continue to do same in future. DG ISPR categorically stated that we are a peace -loving country and do not want to indulge in war but if war is imposed we have capability to effectively respond any aggression. He said 200 thousand Pakistani troops have been deployed on the western border while over 100 thousand on the eastern border. Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad successfully continues across the country against terrorists and major achievements have been made during the operation. Law and order situation in the country has improved a lot due to the sacrifices of the security forces of the country. All events during Muharram-ul-Haram were conducted peacefully across the country due to strict security measures taken by the security institutions of the country. He said in the same way convention of Bohra Community in Karachi was also held in a peaceful manner. About 21 thousand foreigners including 12 thousand Indians also participated in the convention. A cricket match organized at Miran Shah which was witnessed by thousands of the people of the area and foreign dignitaries In the same a hockey match will be played in Karachi soon. The nation should be proud of its security forces which have capability to defeat all types of terrorism and threats. Pakistan's war is against those elements which are being supported by Indian Agency RAW.  Those blaming Pakistan from outside the country will also be dealt effectively. The cooperation of the people of the county the security forces of Pakistan will counter all the internal and external threats effectively. He said media and the people of the country will have to play their role to foil the negative narrative against Pakistan.

Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema (IR Expert):

 The war against terrorism is not only the responsibility of armed forces but the nation also needs to play its role by supporting the security forces. Pakistan and Afghanistan must have to realize that in order to wipe out the menace of terrorism from the region mutual efforts are mandatory rather than the individual efforts. Afghan government should be aware of the fact that India does not want peaceful relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, so Kabul must not allow the Indian agencies to use its soil for terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR Expert):


The biggest challenge for Pakistan is the lack of acknowledgment by international community about its efforts in war against terrorism. Our armed forces have been engaged on both eastern and western borders to defend the territorial integrity and prosperity of our country. India is making utmost efforts to destabilize Pakistan through its terrorist activities at LoC and also using Afghan soil for orchestrating its evil designs against Pakistan. The good news is that our civil and military leadership are on same page and determined to continue war against terrorism.

Host: Waqas

Co Host: Ghinah 

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