Pakistan says India is trying to sabotage its economic activity particularly China-Pakistan Economic Corridor by fomenting terrorism on its soil. Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said Pakistan has raised the issue of Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan at every forum and has provided evidence in this regard. He said under the guise of development in Afghanistan, India has actually been harboring terrorist havens in that country to orchestrate terrorism in the region.

He said our security forces have taken Indiscriminatory action against terrorists and have successfully erased the footprints of terrorists. Nafees Zakaria said Pakistan wants to be facilitator in development and prosperity of the region by acting as a natural energy corridor for landlocked but resource rich countries of the region. US has acknowledged Pakistan's vital role and cooperation for solution to Afghan issue. He said atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir by India are no secret to the world and it has been defiant and stubborn in allowing the UN fact finding mission in Occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan-US counter-terrorism Cooperation: Islamabad, Washington needed to work together to fight common enemy

Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif says Pakistan and United States needed to actively work to achieve common objective of durable peace in the region.
He stated this while addressing at the US Institute of Peace in Washington Thursday. The menace of global terrorism has claimed hundreds of thousands of human lives. Pakistan wishes to build partnership for a secure and prosperous future and to defeat the forces of disarray. He said Pakistan considers itself as the long standing friend of the United States and friends need to revitalize and refresh their friendship from time to time. Our relationships are underpinned by certain shared values. He said achieving peace and security in Afghanistan is critical for lasting peace in the region.

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