Days after Islamabad summoned the British high commissioner to lodge a protest over display of anti-Pakistan slogans on London cabs, transport authorities in the British capital have ordered for immediate removal of offensive advertisements. The transport company confirmed initiating an inquiry into the matter while assuring disciplinary action against perpetrators of the malicious campaign. On Friday, the Foreign Office issued a statement saying: “Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua called in British High Commissioner Thomas Drew to convey Pakistan’s serious concern over the controversial slogans.”

Analysts on telephone:

Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (IR Expert): "Every country should respect the integrity and sovereignty of other countries. It is the moral responsibility of British government to take notice and investigate the real motive of this anti-Pakistan campaign. Pakistan has rightly lodged a strong protest to British Ambassador in Pakistan and urged UK government to stop the malicious campaign against Pakistan. There should be a clear difference between the demand for genuine rights and secessionist tendencies."

Topic: CPEC will be completed to bring benefits for the whole region – Trade and connectivity will increase with this mega project

China wants Pakistan to seize the opportunity provided by CPEC and will complete the project irrespective of which party runs the government in Islamabad, a Chinese foreign ministry official said on Thursday. “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a showcase project of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative and very critical for economic development of Pakistan. Being a sincere friend of Pakistan, China wants Pakistan to seize this opportunity,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Division Director on Asian Affairs Liu Pengfei said during a briefing.

Analysts on telephone:

Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui (Economist): “China Pakistan Economic Corridor is part of One Belt one Road which is a mega vision for the development of whole regions. This project will definitely be completed at all costs, in spite of the fact that India is creating roadblocks in its way. Pakistan is a main stakeholder in CPEC as it envisions a prosperous and forward looking country. China has been supporting Pakistan to transform it into a developed country. With this project, our growth rate may increase to 7-8%. Unemployment will definitely reduce as people will get job opportunities through this game changing project. However, we should also show seriousness by shunning our mutual differences to complete this project.”

Topic: Jammu Martyrs' Day will be observed throughout Azad Jammu and Kashmir tomorrow, to commemorate the massacre of Muslims in Jammu on 6th November 1947  

The day reminds the sacrifice of those hundreds of thousands of Muslims who were mercilessly slained by Hindu extremists of Rashtrya Sewak Sung near Jammu when they were on their way to Pakistan aboard trucks and buses. The day will dawn with special prayers for the martyrs of Kashmir liberation struggle, early liberation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and integrity and prosperity of Pakistan.

Analysts on telephone:

Shamim Shawl (Hurriyet Leader): “Kashmiris will observe Jammu Martyrs Day tomorrow to remind the world of the sacrifice of those hundreds of thousands of Muslims who were mercilessly slaughtered by Hindu extremists of Rashtrya Sewak Sung near Jammu. Kashmiris will never subjugate to Indian occupation and will continue struggle for their just cause of self-determination.”

Program Host: Sajid Farooq

Co-host: C. R. Shamsi

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