Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said we have risen stronger, more united and more prosperous due to holding of PSL final inside the country against all odds. In his message on the occasion of PSL final on Sunday, he said Pakistan proved to the world that our days of isolation are over. The Prime Minister said over the past four years, we have become stronger, safer and more stable, creating an environment conducive to national aspirations. He said  cricket is a sport near and dear to all of our hearts. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  said this is the first step in putting Pakistan back on the map within the sporting arena and a positive sign for the future to come.

Host: Shahid Malik

Co-host: Shahid Amin

Analysts Live on Phone: 

Lt Gen (Retd) Abdul Qayyum Khan (Senator, PML-N): 

It is a very good decision by the present government and it is a gift to the nation of Pakistan. The PSL final should have held in Pakistan at all costs. The Pakistani nation is brave and even stood along with Pak Army in 1965 war. There will be international matches in Pakistan if the PSL final will be successful. The enemies of Pakistan have been failed in mission to isolate Pakistan in sports. This final will improve the trust of other countries in peace situation in Pakistan. The improved peace situation in the country has resulted in improvement in foreign investment in Pakistan. Pakistani nation has defeated anti-Pakistan elements and the terrorists through unity, solidarity and determination. We are in state of psychological war against our enemies.

Tahira Aurangzeb (Leader, PML-N): 

The PSL final match is underway in Lahore peacefully so far. It has conveyed a serious message to the world that Pakistani nation is civilized. A large number of people is watching the match with enthusiasm and zeal. International players are also playing this final match. This was a very courageous decision taken by Prime Minister and Chief Minister Punjab to hold PSL final in Lahore. Security forces are ensuring the foolproof security arrangements for PSL final. Many political leaders including Sheikh Rasheed and Siraj-ul-Haq are present in the stadium and enjoying the match. This match is defeat of the terrorists and other anti-Pakistan elements. 

Moeed Shah (Sports Analyst): 

We were expecting a big target from Peshawar Zalmi. Pakistan Cricket Board should have instructed the curators to ensure the batting pitch. The middle order of the Peshawar Zalmi has not performed up to the mark. Quetta Gladiator has to achieve a target of 149 runs and Quetta Gladiator may face difficulties in the run chase. 

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