Topic: PM will pay a two-day visit to Kazakhstan to attend Shanghai Cooperation Organization moot from Thursday- Pakistan will be given full membership of SCO.

Topic: Baseless accusations against Pakistan detrimental for Afghanistan's future - Islamabad rejects unfounded allegations after Kabul terror attack : Sartaj Aziz

Topic: Armed forces and the nation are fully capable to defend every inch of the motherland: Defence Minister Khawaja Asif

Topic: IBO in Balochistan - Security forces kill 12 terrorists in Mastung

Topic: Teams formed to monitor unscheduled load-shedding

Topic: World Environment Day is being observed today to create awareness about the impact of human activities on climate-PM says Pakistan is mindful of its responsibilities towards protection of environment.

Topic: Government released Rs 100 billion for the National Highway Authority under Public Sector Development Programme for different projects

Topic: Senate and National Assembly will resume their sessions at the Parliament House in Islamabad today (Monday)

Topic: Sindh budget for fiscal 2017-18 to be presented on today (Monday)

Topic: Britain PM Theresa May calls for review of Britain's counter-terrorism strategy

Topic : China expresses its strong dissatisfaction over the remarks of U.S. Defence Secretary James Mattis related to China's activities in the South China sea

Topic :North Korea reiterates to continue its nuclear weapons development program to defend its sovereignty.

Topic :Saudi Arabia and Egypt agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation against terrorism.

Topic: In the ICC Champions Trophy-India beat Pakistan by 124 runs under Duckworth–Lewis method, at Birmingham last night

Host : Masood Baig 

Co-Host : Alia Qaisar 

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