Talking to Radio Pakistan's News and Current Affairs Channel, Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakaria says the upcoming SCO Summit will provide Pakistan with a forum to effectively implement the agenda of regional connectivity being pursued by the government. The Summit is an opportunity for regional countries to further their bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Nafees Zakaria says Pakistan looks forward to strengthening its bilateral and multilateral ties with all member countries of SCO. Pakistan has been an observer state of the SCO since 2005.  It was the first observer state to apply for full membership in the year 2010.

Analysts on Telephone:

B.A. Malik (Former Ambassador)

SCO meeting is vital in many ways as both India and Pakistan are going to be the full members of this organization that will also benefit other countries in the region. Shanghai Cooperation Organization would also help in resolving the issues in the region. SCO will reduce the influence of United States in our region. China is emerging as a super power and fortunately we have strong bilateral relations with it so we could take maximum advantage of this fact. United States want to isolate China but it looks impossible as China is economically strong.

Mushtaq Ahmed Mehar (Former Ambassador)

The meeting of SCO is vital as Pakistan will officially participate in the meeting for the first time as full member. This organization was established with three members that increased to five members and once again the numbers of members has been increased. The main aim of this organization is to control drug trafficking and terrorism. This forum will also improve regional connectivity. Pakistan should take maximum advantage of its bilateral relations with China. Pakistan should keep on focusing the economic development and should not be the part of any conspiracy in the region.

World Environment Day 2017: PM Nawaz Sharif says his country is mindful of environmental responsibilities and ensures industrial, infrastructural and associated developmental initiatives environment-friendly

In his message on the World Environment Day, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says we have made environmental impact studies a mandatory part of all development projects, irrespective of their size. We have also recently launched the Green Pakistan Programme across the country in collaboration with provincial and regional governments, the civil society and our international development partners. This programme is a comprehensive intervention designed not just to preserve our environment, including woodlands and wildlife, but is also aimed at raising awareness amongst the masses on the crucial requirement for every Pakistani to contribute towards the national effort.

Analyst on Telephone:

Dr. Mona Liza (Expert on Environment)

It is gift of Allah Almighty that Pakistan is situated at an important geographical location. There are glaciers in Northern areas of our country and Central Pakistan is also significant because of agriculture sector. The importance of Pakistan is also vital regarding environmental changes. The incumbent government has been making all out efforts to improve the industrial sector with very less chances of environmental pollution which is a positive development.

Host: Dr. Shoaib Ahmed

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