The Kashmiris overall the world are celebrating the day of their right to self-determination today. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says United Nations Security Council resolutions should be implemented and the sufferings of Kashmiri people must come to an end. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said this while addressing the inaugural ceremony of two day international parliamentary seminar on Kashmir in Islamabad today.

Host: Dr. Shafiq

Analysts on Phone:

Muhammad Nafees Zakaria- Foreign Office Spokesperson

There should be an international inquiry against the abuses of Indian troops on the people of occupied Kashmir. India is violating the international norms by subjecting people of held territory to abuses, pallet gun shelling and other injustices. Use of torture against innocent children and youth is condemnable.

Tehmina Janjua- Pakistan Permanent Representative, UN Geneva

Foreign Office and various foreign missions of Pakistan are working to highlight the human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir before the world community. Since July last, the situation in Kashmir has helped realize the world that Kashmiris are rendering numerous sacrifices to win their right of freedom. Our foreign office has been working strenuously to tell the world that situation of Kashmir should not be ignored by the world conscience. UN Security Council had promised to hold plebiscite in Kashmir to give Kashmiris their right to self determination, which has been denied by the Indian authorities. Pakistani Prime Minister wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General drawing his attention toward the deteriorating situation of Kashmiris, besides raising this issue during his international visits to various countries. Peace and stability in South Asia is dependent on the resolution of this lingering conflict between Pakistan and India.

Engineer Abdul Rasheed- Independent MLA from Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir is core dispute of the region. In yesterday’s assembly session, we have once again asked to hold plebiscite in Kashmir. The dispute should be resolved in accordance with UN resolutions according to which Kashmiri people should be given the right to self-determination. We do not want the solution of Kashmir dispute on the basis of religion but it should be resolved according to international laws.

Prof. Dr. Tahir Ameen- Vice Chancellor Bahauddin Zakaria University

Kashmir dispute is longstanding unresolved issue. United Nations is still unable to give the right to self determination to the people of Kashmir. In the tenure of Narendra Modi, the brutalities by Indian forces in the valley have increased to a great extent. The incumbent government has managed to attain international support on its stance on Kashmir dispute and these efforts should continue in order to aware the world about Indian brutalities on innocent people. PM has sent envoys in different countries to highlight Kashmir dispute which is a positive development.

Dr. Syed Farooq Hasnaat- IR Expert

Kashmir conflict was started just after the partition in 1947. India itself took the matter to United Nation and requested to hold the plebiscite in Kashmir. But since then India is illegally occupying Indian Held Kashmir which is the violation of UN resolutions. Similarly, Palestine issue is always vetoed at this forum. But now, international community has started raising voices against Indian and Israeli illegal occupations on Kashmir and Palestine respectively. Many international human rights organizations have taken the notice of Indian brutalities in Kashmir. The people of Kashmir are determined to get freedom. Kashmiris are determined that they will never come under the pressure of Indian government and this devotion will definitely give them their right to self-determination. Indian PM wants to make Kashmir the colony of Hindu Pundits but will not be successful in his mission.

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