Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 05:52:57 pm
Parliament's joint session may meet soon over US decision to withhold CSF: Experts
January 05, 2018

Senator retired Lieutenant General Abdul Qayyum said the US still has to reimburse Pakistan under Coalition Support Fund.  

He said the parliament is being consulted on the matter and joint session of both the houses may also meet soon.

Senior analyst on international relations Huma Baqai said most of the international relations analysts are agreed that for achieving peace and stability in the region, Pakistan cannot be ignored.      

She said Pakistan's relations with the US were never smooth in the past and the US behavior changes towards Pakistan according to its needs.

She said Pakistan sincerely wants peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Senior IR analyst Dr. Fauzia Nasreen said it takes courage for a state to take responsibility of its policy failures. She added that contrary to the principles governing inter-state relations, the US is unjustly blaming Pakistan for its failed policies in Afghanistan for last six to seven years.

She said the US which claims itself a superpower, cannot handle the Haqqani network alone and does not want to cooperate with Pakistan either.

She pointed out that the US is exploiting its strategic partner India for its wider objective of containment of China.