Twelve hardcore terrorists have been killed in an intelligence based operation in Mastung area of Balochistan during last two days. The operation successfully foiled major terrorist activities in Balochistan. Terrorists were hiding inside a cave for planning, coordination and execution of terrorist activities in the province. Five security officials including two officers got injured during the operation. According to the military spokesman, operation Raddul Fasaad is continuing across the country.

Analyst on Telephone:

Brig (Retd) Haris Nawaz (Defense Analyst)

Operation Radd-ul-Fasad is continuing throughout the country in full swing. Some anti-Pakistan elements have been making efforts to destabilize Pakistan by all means. Pakistan should also make efforts to make the world realize that India has been involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. Security forces have also apprehended a serving Indian officer in Baluchistan who himself admitted the Indian involvement in Pakistan. But the situation in Pakistan is getting better as many Baloch rebel militants have been surrendering. Armed forces are also targeting facilitators of the terrorists and they will be brought into justice as well. We should highlight Indian involvement in Pakistan at all international forums. 

Pakistan once again urges Afghanistan to focus its attention to overcome the deteriorating security situation in the country instead of blaming Pakistan

In an interview with Voice of America, Pakistan's Ambassador to UN said we are ready to help address the shared threat of violent extremists to the region but Afghanistan should desist from externalizing its internal problems. The surge in violence in Afghanistan seems to indicate the spreading influence of IS about which we have long warned. The rapid slide in the security situation is troubling not only for Afghanistan but for all its neighbours. The timing of the attacks on Kabul suggests those who carried them out want to sabotage any renewed effort towards a negotiated peace. Terrorism and violent extremism are a common enemy and need a joint resolve to fight it. Meanwhile, UN envoy to Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto called for measures to halt the cycle of violence following deadly attacks in Afghanistan. Tadamichi Yamamoto urged all members of the international community to help put an end the cycle of violence and support the foundations of a lasting peace.

Host: Arshad Malik

Co-host: CR Shamsi

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