A four member bench of Election Commission headed by Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan heard the contempt of court case against PTI Chairman Imran Khan in Islamabad on Tuesday.

The PTI chairman again failed to submit his reply in the case and his counsel sought more time from the election commission for the purpose.

The Chief Election Commissioner while expressing his annoyance said the decision will be announced on next hearing on 10th of this month.

Later talking to the media persons, PML (N) leader Daniyal Aziz said Imran Khan will have to submit his reply in the case.

Founding member of PTI Akbar S. Babar said Imran Khan is running away from accountability but cases before the Supreme Court and the Election Commission would expose him fully.

He said there is no difference in tax evasion and misuse of donations of people.

Akbar S. Babar described recent intra-party elections of PTI as a farce as less than 10% votes were cast. He said PTI has 2.7 million registered members but the party is embracing turn coats from other parties.

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