The mass transit system in the four provincial capitals under CPEC is to bring about major connectivity

Nawaz Sharif was briefed on the progress made in the recently held 6th meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee on CPEC in Beijing. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that international investors are now showing keen interest for investing in Pakistan which is a manifestation of our successful economic policies and investor friendly environment. He was chairing a high level meeting in Islamabad today. The Prime Minister was informed that agreement on 300 MW power project has been signed and it will be started soon. Similarly, Gwader water supply project , hospital, technical institutes and mass transit railway project in the provincial headquarters were also discussed in JCC at China. China has agreed to consider and examine Indus Cascade projects in CPEC . The Prime Minister congratulated the Water and Power Ministry for securing 1.5 billion dollar Lahore – Matiari Transmission Line project agreement to be funded under CPEC and directed to actively pursue its implementation. He also felicitated the Pakistani team for inclusion of Mass Transit projects in the four provinces and directed Railways Minister to facilitate the province's by giving his ministires technical advice for project feasibilities . Nawaz Sharif said road connectivity projects will open up under-developed areas of Pakistan to investment.

Host: Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman

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Dostain Jamaldini: (Chairman, Gwadar Port)

We are entering in the second phase of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The representatives from all the four provinces were present in the last meeting on CPEC held in Beijing. The economic benefits of CPEC will be transferred to the people of all fields. Balochistan province is having 44% of total area of Pakistan and will be benefitted more as compared to other provinces through CPEC . Gwadar port will be among the busiest and deepest ports in the world. The government has initiated a number of projects for the youth of Balochistan. Prime Minister has announced the establishment of a university in Gwadar that will be affiliated with a reputed Chinese university. CPEC is the biggest project in the history of Pakistan and we will develop our human resource in a better way.

Maj Gen (Retd) Zahir Shah: (Expert on CPEC)

Many energy and transportation projects are also the part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor project and all the provinces will be equally benefitted through this project . Industrial parks and economic zones will be established in all the provinces. New ways to prosper will be opened. CPEC is the project of peace and prosperity. Our main aim is to improve regional cooperation and economic development . It is a win-win project . The people should be disseminated awareness about advantages of this mega project . We have to work hard and with full integrity to complete this project . The reservations of all the provinces regarding the routes of this project have almost been eliminated which is good news.

Dr. Fazalur Rehman: (Executive Director, Pakistan Council on China)

The meeting held in Beijing on CPEC was vital as all the provinces have now developed mutual consensus on the routes of China Pakistan Economic Corridor project . There will be economic development and new job oppurtunities will be created through CPEC . Chinese economy is the second largest economy in the world. Russia, Turkey, Iran and some other countries are also taking interest in this project . The improvement in foreign investment in underway development project is the guarantee of Pakistan’s achievements. The government is focusing on facilitating youth of the country through this project which is a positive gesture.

Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui: (Economist)

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a mega project and the destiny of Pakistani nation will be changed. There should be cooperation between local and foreign investors. The reservations of all the Chief Ministers were eliminated by Chinese official in the meeting on CPEC held in Beijing. Media should play a vital role in highlighting the advantages of the project to the nation. There will be a Railway track in the project that will link all the provinces of Pakistan with each other. Connectivity will be improved because of Mass Transit trade. Industrial zones will also be established under CPEC so people of these areas will get job oppurtunities as a result of which unemployment will be reduced.

Dr. Abid Qayyum Sulehri: (Economist)

China Pakistan Economic Corridor should have started long ago. The Chief Ministers of KPK and Sindh were having reservations on the routes of the project that have been eliminated and it is good news for the nation. Environmental pollution is reduced because of Mass Transit system and living standard of the people will also improve. All the provinces should have to play a dominant role and support the federal government to overcome energy crises.

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