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 Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says some political leaders want to obstruct the economic growth through rallies and protests.    

In an interview, he said the government made utmost effort to resolve the issue amicably, but some politicians are obsessed with will to grab power and are trying to frustrate the system.    

The minister said these political leaders are once again trying to obstruct the economic growth like they did during their 126 days sit-in two years ago.    

Ishaq Dar said the government in line with the Supreme Court directions has submitted proposed laws to the Parliament that comprises some powerful sections, which will help investigate the Panama papers issue.

The minister said the bill presented by the government is a comprehensive legislation to weed out corruption.         

He said the government tried to defuse the crisis but, it is done when approach of both sides is constructive and non-political.

Meanwhile, in a statement, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said the receipt of the final tranche of the Extended Fund Facility this month will mark the completion of Pakistan's program with the International Monetary Fund. 

In a statement, he said that the program is categorized as a success on the basis of different key economic indicators.

The minister said Real GDP growth rate in financial year 2016 was recorded at 4.71 percent which is the highest in the last eight years.

He said inflation rate fell to 2.89 percent during the last fiscal year, as compared to 8.62 percent in financial year 2014 and 4.53 percent in financial year 2015.

Ishaq Dar said that Total liquid foreign reserves which were at 7.578 million dollars in February, 2014 stood at 22,993.2 million dollars.

The Finance Minister said that the first repayment of the IMF EFF loan is scheduled in March, 2018.

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