The AJK President Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan has underlined the need of effective use of social media for highlighting the Indian brutalities in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

This he stated while talking to former Federal Minister Ms. Attiya Inayatullah in Islamabad on Monday.

Sardar Masood Khan urged the overseas Kashmiris and Pakistanis settled in United States, Europe and other developed countries to play their effective role in highlighting Kashmir issue in its true perspective.

The latest situation in Occupied Kashmir, international community’s response on Kashmir issue and effective engagement of media for internationalizing Kashmir issue were discussed in the meeting.

Begum Attiya Inayatullah assured AJK President that she would continue to play her active role for raising voice for the fundamental right of self-determination for Kashmiris.

AJK President expressed his profound gratitude to her for raising strong voice for Kashmiris.

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