Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has emphatically stated that the proxy war against Pakistan from across the border should come to an end.      

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, defense analyst Brig. (Retd.) Harris Nawaz said: “This time, Pakistan has taken up the key issues with India very effectively on the forum of the United Nations. Pakistan has given three dossiers comprising of evidence of Indian violations on Line of Control and Working Boundary. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his address in the General Assembly proposed four points for peace and to resolve issues between Pakistan and India. India denies its involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan but Islamabad has strong evidence of India’s role in subversive activities in Pakistani territory. India does not want to talk on resolving Kashmir and other disputed issues. For India, the progress on China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project is a source of concern and it does not want Pakistan to progress. Gwadar would emerge as one of the major economic hubs in the region after completion of CPEC.”   

Senior analyst Dr. Huma Baqai said: “PM has taken a very bold step. His impressive speech and handing over of dossiers to Ban Ki-moon has revitalized the Kashmir issue. Kashmir had always been on the table of the United Nations but its file remained close for decades. There are seven hundred thousand Indian troops in Kashmir. India is suppressing the rights of Kashmiris openly and widely violating UN conventions. PM has proposed that Kashmir must be demilitarized in order to give the right of self determination to Kashmiris. Now, Pakistan has been widely recognized throughout the world for its several peace initiatives. Zarb-e-Azb is not only under discussion in Pakistan but it has been discussed all over the world.” 

Defense analyst Gen. (Rtd.) Amjad Shoaib said: “We should make world aware of true face of India and the character it bears. The world has also been told that how Indian intelligence agency Raw has been actively taking part in promotion of terrorism in Pakistan and providing funding to its sympathizers. This is for the first time that Pakistan has openly exposed India before international community and handed over dossiers based on evidence of Indian subversive activities to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mon. Copies of dossiers would be circulated among other permanent members of UN for their information. Pakistan has always appreciated and encouraged dialogue process with India for sustainable peace in the region but India has always avoided the process. India used to play shoddy tactics to destabilize Pakistan, such as building of dams to stop water flow towards Pakistan.”

Senior analyst Dr. A. Z. Hilali said: “PM Nawaz Sharif has delivered wonderful speech in UN General Assembly. The statement of COAS General Raheel Sharif given in London was the need of time. Present collaboration between government and armed force is in its ideal state at current stage. Indian government has never been so openly exposed by Pakistan government. We have successfully uncovered the hidden face of India in front of international community. Pakistan has given a truly tough time to India on recent UN forums. Also, Pakistan has openly said that we are always ready to resolve all issues with India through dialogue. This time Pakistan has effectively expressed its stance regarding all issues and this must be appreciated.”

Senior analyst Dr. Rasool Bakhsh Rais said: “Pakistan needs to work hard on its diplomatic strategies. India is supporting and promoting terrorism in our territory. We should appreciate the proposals given by our delegation in UN. For the first time, Kashmir issue has been taken up so strongly with facts in front of international community on the forum of United Nations. Pakistan has to speed up its diplomatic efforts against India to reveal its real picture in front of whole world. We must develop good lobbying strategy to bring all developed countries on same note against India.”   

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