Director General Rangers Punjab Tahir Javed Khan said the suicide bomber blew himself up when the people were leaving the site after the flag lowering ceremony after he failed to enter the five hundred yard security cordon outside the parade avenue.

He said there was no security lapse as the people attending the ceremony are checked at three different security points.

DG Rangers said the suicide bomber had probably hid himself behind the trucks parked in the market area away from the security cordon.

Meanwhile, Rangers have announced to hold parade at the Wahga Border with simplicity for the next three days to express solidarity with the victims.

A Rangers spokesman said people would not be allowed to attend the flag hoisting ceremonies for three days.

Inspector General Police Punjab Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhaira said ball bearings were used in the attack. He said different teams headed by DIGs have been constituted to probe the Wahga border bombing.

He said the security plan for the province has been revised in view of the Wagha incident.

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