Finance Minister Ishaq Dar appeared before the Joint Investigation Team formed to probe the Panama Papers case in Islamabad today.

Later talking to the media persons, Ishaq Dar said he has responded to all the queries of the investigation team and given reconciliation of each rupee.

The Finance Minister said all the matters of the prime minister's family are transparent. There is no name of the Prime Minister in Panama Papers. He, however, regretted that the people whose name have been disclosed in Panama Papers are doing politics and hatching conspiracies against the sitting government.

Ishaq Dar, however, was confident that truth will prevail in the case.

He recalled that some references were fabricated in the era of Musharraf with malafide intent. These, he said, was nothing but a trash. He said the apex court has also vindicated his point.

Ishaq Dar said there is no case against the prime minister but only the business interests of the family are illegally being dragged into matter.

The Finance Minister said that under the dynamic leadership of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the country is all set to join the club of top twenty countries in the next twelve years.

Ishaq Dar said the PML (N) in all its tenures worked with utmost transparency and nobody can bring forth any irregularity and corruption scam of a single penny. He said the PML (N) has always considered the national exchequer a public trust.

About the summon issued to Marriyum Nawaz, the Finance Minister said she is the daughter of the nation. He said the JIT should review its decision of summoning her in person and a quessionaire should be sent to her.

Earlier Hassan Nawaz, the younger son of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, appeared before the Joint Investigation Team for the third time. 

Later talking to the media persons, Hassan Nawaz said he has submitted all the relevant documents relating to his business in Britain. He said these documents include all the information including his bank accounts and loans.

Hassan Nawaz said he has been doing business in Britain for the last fifteen years and the British authorities have not accused him of any wrongdoing.

He said we will respond to all the queries but justice should be done in the case.

Hussain Nawaz will appear before the JIT tomorrow while Marriyum Nawaz on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister have already recorded their statements before the investigation team.

The JIT is expected to present its final report to the Supreme Court on the tenth of this month.

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