The Federal Government has issued formal notification for revision of Basic Pay Scales and Allowances as announced by the Finance Minister in his budget speech.

The revised scales applicable to civil employees of the Federal Government and those paid out of civil estimates and the defence estimates would be effective from first of this month.

The new scales are:

Scale-1: Rs. 9130-290-17830

Scale-2: Rs. 9310-330-19210

Scale-3 : Rs. 9610-390-21310

Scale-4: Rs. 9900-440-23100

Scale-5:  Rs. 10260-500-25260

Scale-6: Rs. 10620-560-27420

Scale-7: Rs. 10990-610-29290

Scale-8: Rs. 11380-670-31480

Scale-9: Rs. 11770-730-33670

Scale-10 Rs. 12160-800-36160

Scale-11 Rs. 12570-880-38970

Scale-12: Rs. 13320-960-42120

Scale-13: Rs. 14260-1050-45760

Scale-14: Rs. 15180-1170-50280

Scale-15: Rs. 16120-1330-56020

Scale-16: Rs. 18910-1520-64510

Scale-17: Rs. 30317-2300-76370

Scale-18: Rs. 38350-2870-95750

Scale-19: Rs. 59210-3050-120210

Scale-20: Rs. 69090-4510-132230

Scale-21 Rs.  76720-5000-146720

Scale-22: Rs. 82380-5870-164560

An Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017 at the rate of 10% of the running basic pay of BPS-2017 would be allowed to the employees.

Adhoc allowance 2010 of 50% would cease to exist from first of this month. The Adhoc Relief Allowance 2016 of 10% would stand frozen at the level of its admissibility as on 30th of June this year.

The basic pay of an employee would be fixed in the new basic pay scales on point-to-point basis. The personal pay drawn by an employee as part of basic pay beyond the maximum of pay scale would continue as such at the revised rates.

All special pays, special allowances or allowances admissible as percentage of pay shall stand frozen at the level of admissibility as on 30th of June this year.

Rate of orderly allowance for BPS-20 to 22 has also been increased from the existing 12,000 rupee  to fourteen thousand rupee per month.

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