Pakistan has invited COMSATS member states to benefit from the experience of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan in setting up the COMSATS Technology Park as well as Incubation Centre.

The invitation was extended by Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology Fazal Abbas Maken at the third COMSATS ' general meeting in Accra, Ghana.

He also proposed establishment of a `National Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security' in Pakistan.

The meeting appreciated the Government of Pakistan for its generous and continued support to COMSATS for the past twenty-one years.

Besides Pakistan, delegates from China, Egypt, Ghana, Iran, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Palestine, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda and Zimbabwe, attended the two-day deliberations.

Meanwhile, a Task Force of eminent international experts has called for comprehensive reforms to reinvent the universities of the Muslim World as meritocracies seeking to transform societies through scientific excellence.

The Task Force chaired by Malaysian Prime Minister's Advisor on Science Zakri Abdul Hamid has released a report on the state of science at universities of the Muslim world.

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