PML-N is likely to head local governments in all twelve districts as a result of the first phase of local government elections in Punjab.

According to the latest unofficial results, the party has been given mandate of one thousand one hundred and ninety seats of chairmen, vice chairmen and wards of municipal committees.

The independent candidates have emerged as second with one thousand and sixty-five seats followed by PTI with two hundred and eighty-five seats.

PPP has won only forty-seven seats followed by PML-Q’s forty-four seats. Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Awami Tehrik won two seats each.

Most of the independents are expected to join the PML-N after the results are officially announced by the Election Commission.

In Sindh, PPP emerged victorious winning seven hundred and twenty seats.

Independent candidates won one hundred and seventy-four seats, PML-F seventy-four, JUI-F twelve, PTI five, and PML-N and MQM got three seats each.

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