Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria says Pakistan has ensured effective implementation of the bilateral consular agreement with India.   

In a statement in Islamabad on Sunday, he said that Pakistan remains committed to the implementation of the 2008 Agreement on Consular access with India.

He said that five Indian nationals after completing their sentences were repatriated last month.

In contrast, 20 Pakistani civilian prisoners who have completed their sentences still await repatriation, while consular access to 107 Pakistani fishermen and 85 civilian Pakistani prisoners is also pending.  

The spokesperson said Indian humanitarian claims appear contrary to reality in view of the impossible conditionalities imposed for medical visas for Pakistani patients.

He said that Pakistan has implemented the bilateral consular agreement in letter and spirit and expects India to reciprocate through action rather than rhetoric.

He said that as for the Indian attempt to equate Commander Jhadav's case with civilian prisoners and fishermen is a travesty of logic.

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