Segment 1: Interview of Director, Pakistan Museum of Natural History

Guest: Dr. Muhammad Farooq

Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), Islamabad was established in 1976 under the patronage of Pakistan Science Foundation, Ministry of Science & Technology (Government of Pakistan). It has four divisions namely Botanical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Zoological Sciences and Public Services.


Dr.Samina Naeem, Reproductive Health Expert

Dr.Asma Badar, National Programe Manager, White Ribbon Alliance

Segment 2: Discussion on Causes and Precations of Maternal Anemia

Maternal anemia, even moderate cases, increases the risk of dying during childbirth. The recent Lancet series on maternal and child under-nutrition estimated that 20% of maternal deaths are due to maternal iron-deficiency anemia and stunting in women, thus adding 115,000 deaths to the total maternal deaths from obstetric complications annually. However, despite these consequences, there is little attention given at global and country levels to the burden of maternal anemia. And have, therefore, failed to significantly reduce maternal anemia in developing countries.

Host: Tanveer Razvi

Producer: Inam Soomro

It is PBC Islamabad Production.

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