Spokesman of PIA has clarified that impression being given by a segment of media about PIA Premier is not correct.   

In a statement, the spokesman said the brand new Airbus A-330 which PIA acquired in August this year for starting PIA Premier, was obtained in a transparent manner, strictly in accordance with PPRA rules and on market price. It has played an important role in PIA's regaining passenger confidence and in improving its brand image.   

The Spokesman explained that PIA Premier has also played a key role in PIA's regaining its market share both internationally as well as domestically, which increased by 22% on domestic flights and 3% on international sectors during the current year.

The very fact that in 2016 one million additional passengers traveled on PIA as compared to the previous year amply proves it. 

The Spokesman further said obtaining the new aircraft on wet lease was a compulsion for PIA due to lack of trained pilots and crew. 

He said A-330 is a commercially successful wide body aircraft operated by various five-star and four-star airlines including Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa.

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