Talking in Radio Pakistan's News and Current Affairs channel programme, Nuqta-e- Nazar, Spokesman to Prime Minister,Mussadik Malik says all the development under China Pakistan Economic Corridor are transparent and free of corruption. 

He said the projects are advertised properly and all the contracts are given on merit basis while some foreign countries are also working in CPEC. 

Musaddiq Malik said this mega project will be a game changer and will change the destiny of all the countries of the region. 

He said people will get job opportunities and as a result unemployment will reduce in the country. 

He said Gwadar is basically a backward area and the present government has planned to make it a beautiful city. This port will become a busiest port in the future. Planning Minister

Ahsan Iqbal has rightly said that the project has changed the world's perception regarding Pakistan. 

Spokesperson said this is the biggest investment made by China in any country.

 International Relations' expert,Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema expressing his views said China and Pakistan have historic friendly relations. China has always supported Pakistan in crucial time to improve economy of our country. 

He said China has invested a huge amount in Pakistan through CPEC that will bring an economic revolution and prosperity in the entire region.

All the provinces of Pakistan will be benefitted through the development projects under china Pakistan Economic Corridor as well as Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

He further said Gwadar Port will play a vital role in boosting the economy of Pakistan. 

He said CPEC is going to benefit all the countries of the region and will be proved as a game changer project. 

Economoist,Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui talking i Programme said  Present government has been giving priority to development projects especially related to energy sector. Import of LNG will definitely be helpful to produce cheap electricity. 

He said several economic zones will be constructed in different areas under China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Gwadar port after being functional will definitely play a vital role in improving the economy of the country.

 He further said unemployment will definitely reduce as people will get the job opportunities through this project. People of Balochistan will also getbenefit of this mega project.

 Analyst, Dr. Manzoor Khan Afridi taking part in debate said China Pakistan Economic Corridor is of vital significance and the world realizes its importance. Middle East and South Asian countries will be equally benefitted through this megaproject.

He said CPEC will also support our government to overcome energy crisis as many development projects have been initiated in this regard. This project will also reduce unemployment.

Both China and Pakistan have been focusing on the security of this project because some elements want to sabotage it.

 Pak-China friendship is exemplary and both the countries have been taking serious measures to further strengthen the relationship. Leadership of both the countries have reiterated to improve bilateral and trade ties in various sectors.

  Senior Analyst Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan said China Pakistan Economic Corridor will definitely facilitate the youth and will improve the economy of our country. CM Punjab rightly said that China could invest anywhere in the world but it has expressed its confidence on Pakistan in this regard and proved its friendly relations with Pakistan. 

He said this is a huge project that is going to facilitate almost sixty countries of the region. India has been trying to sabotage this project because it could not see the other countries of the region progressing. China has second biggest trade marketing the world and every country has been trying to strengthen the bilateral relations with China. Some elements in India also want to improve trade relations with China as well. 

President, CPEC Media Forum Tahir Khalil said CPEC is a mega project which will change the destiny of all the countries of the region. Media forum has been playing a significant role in China Pakistan Economic Corridor. This forum will keep the people informed about the progress ofCPEC. Some people have been expressing reservations on this project and media will play its role to eliminate the reservations.

FWO and NHA have expressed satisfaction on the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. 

840 kilometers long will be constructed in the CPEC project.

The Prime Minister has also directed to speed-up the development projects under CPEC and he himself is monitoring the progress on this mega project.

Pak-Army has been providing security to Chinese workers. We will take the CPEC Media Forum to district level and arrange seminars and conventions as well.

Senator Mushaid Hussain Syed has announced that he would remove all the reservations of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh provinces regarding CPEC. The Prime Minister has also directed to complete the development work on western routes on urgent basis.

 Analyst, Dr. Noor Fatima said CPEC will facilitate all countries ofthe region. China has invested 46 billion dollars in this project that has made the project attractive. India has been trying to create hurdles in CPEC by all means but will not succeed in its mission. Present governmentmanaged to make Pakistan a peaceful country that is why foreign investors have been taking keen interest to invest in development projects inPakistan. Pakistan is now becoming a safe haven for the investors. We have been observing transparency in ongoing development projects. The main focusof present government is to overcome power shortage in the country. 

Dostain Jamaldini said  some anti-Pakistan elements have been working on the agenda to destabilize Pakistan by sabotaging the CPEC. Gwadar port has important geographical location that has increased its importance. It is a god gifted port. Many link roads to this port are being constructed. CPEC will benefit all the provinces of the country equally. Economy of Pakistan will definitely improve through this mega project. Special security arrangements have been made to make Gwadar port secure. Pak Army has taken the responsibility of security of China Pakistan Economic Corridor project.”



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