Saturday, 15 August 2020, 12:49:49 pm
WSJ lauds Pakistan's efforts to overcome Corona pandemic
August 02, 2020

Pakistan, where coronavirus was spreading out of control some two months ago, has dramatically reversed course, recording a sharp decline in Covid-19 cases and deaths, which are both down more than 80% from their peaks.  

A prominent American Newspaper Wall Street Journal reported today, that major hospitals report beds are freeing up in previously overflowing coronavirus wards, even in Pakistan’s biggest and hardest-hit city, Karachi. 

It is said that the tally of patients on ventilators has halved over the past month. This is all happening as Pakistan’s neighbours to the east and west India and Iran are still reporting that infection rates are climbing steadily.

Even more surprising, it said, the progress in Pakistan came after Prime Minister Imran Khan resisted advice from the World Health Organization, declaring in May that lockdowns are too costly for the poor and reopening the economy.

The report about Pakistan’s success comes when even the United States, a superpower with enormous resources at its disposal, is still struggling to control the pandemic.