According to unofficial results of the first phase of local government elections, PML-N is leading in Punjab and PPP in Sindh.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, Senator Lt. General (R) Abdul Qayum said: “People have fully participated in local government elections and shown their interest and trust on PML-N which is a healthy sign for fully functional democratic system. This shows that our government is sincere and honest to the nation of Pakistan. We are performing up to the expectations of nation and nation is also satisfied with our performance. PML-N has won by huge vote bank. In this regard, we must laud the struggle and well versed leadership traits of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. PML (N) is a matured political party of Pakistan. Our party needs to work hard in not only Sindh but in Balochistan, KP, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir also. We feel that that we could not make good progress in Sindh like Punjab. Being the largest party of Pakistan, we must bag good number of votes in rest of provinces of Pakistan. PPP also requires hard work as currently PTI has taken its place as second largest party in Pakistan. Now, PPP must make some changes in ranks and put right person on right job within their party.”

PML-N leader Daniyal said: “I want to congratulate the whole nation, our party and workers on another victory in Punjab. I am thankful to people of the province to vote for PML-N, which is basically a vote for the development and prosperity of Pakistan. Now, we will serve the public at grassroots level as we are already serving at national level. Prime Minister will announce a special project for the local government and this fund will be spent by the local representatives. Our government will also extend its policy of merit and transparency at local government level. The roads, streets and sewerage lines will be built through local governments.”

Senior journalist Haji Nawaz Raza said: “The results of local government’s elections have shown the confidence of masses on the policies of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. The credit of holding peaceful elections and suitable security arrangements in Punjab goes to provincial government. Most of the independent candidates have affiliations with the PML-N. The people of Punjab have appreciated the prudent policies of PML-N in last two years and voted them. They once again showed their satisfaction on the leadership of PML-N.”

Spokesperson, NDMA Ahmad Kamal said: “The relief and rescue operation is in full swing in earthquake affected areas. All the departments have full coordination and they are using their full potential to help quake affectees. The helicopters are also being used by the recue agencies to provide relief in the affected areas. Tomorrow, the Prime Minister will visit the Temargarah and observe the pace of relief and rescue operation in the area. The winter clothes, food, blankets and tents are being distributed by the relief agencies. The snowfall and rain is also expected in coming days. The affected people should stay inside the tents and adopt the precautions to avoid health difficulties in future.”

PML-N leader Maiza Hameed said: “We congratulate our nation that after a decade we have finally local government system. It was PML (N) who had initiated local government system and again it's PML (N) who has again taken a step forward to conduct local government elections. Nation fully trusts the welfare oriented policies of PML (N). It’s the manifesto and leadership of PML-N and commitment which has convinced the masses of PML-N’s sincerity. Nation believes that only PML-N can deliver to massive at doorsteps. This is honesty and sincerity of leadership of PML-N that today we are having projects like CPEC which is one of the mega projects in Asia. We can see clear positive effect on economic growth within last few years after PML-N came to power. We have promised the nation that they would get energy in surplus quantity within a few years. Current government has upgraded the infrastructure of Pakistan to attract foreign investment.”

Senior analyst Professor Ghulam Mustafa said: “The local government system has been present in our society for a long time. The system was more functional in Greek dynasty. The British rule had paid attention only on parliamentary form of government before partition. The dictatorship in Pakistan was also a hurdle to hold local government elections. The local government system produces leadership at grassroots level, which can perform better in service delivery. The same leadership can play its role on provincial and national level. These elections will definitely strengthen democracy in our country. The people of Punjab once again have shown their confidence on PML-N due to the vigilant performance of provincial and federal governments. Now, the burden to serve the public has fallen on the shoulders of PML-N. Now, they are liable to perform at district, provincial and federal levels similarly.


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