At his weekly news briefing in Islamabad, Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakariya said the accusatory approach is unhelpful towards efforts to peace. Pakistan has the highest stakes in Afghan peace and stability more than any other country of the world. Peace, stability and development will remain elusive in the region without the resolution of the outstanding dispute between Pakistan and India. India is escalating tension on the border and committing ceasefire violations in order to divert attention from the Kashmir dispute. We have caught their agent Kulbushan Yadav who has made confession twice in which he admitted that he was sent by his government to destabilize Pakistan. CPEC is a regional connectivity project which will link the central Asian states, South Asia and the Middle East.

Host: Azeem Chaudhary

Co-host: Fauzia Shahid

Analyst on Telephone:

Dr. Rashid Ahmad (IR Expert):

Afghanistan has been facing a number of internal challenges and Afghan government rather than to handle these issues has been involved in playing blame games against Pakistan. Afghan government is not in power in major areas of the country. Pakistan has provided shelters to a huge number of Afghan refugees and now Afghan government has denied accepting even its own citizens. Taliban are fighting with Afghan and NATO forces. It is a fact that without involving Taliban in national politics Afghan government can never implement its writ in whole Afghanistan.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says government has made difficult decisions to bring the economic situation to improvement

Addressing a post budget conference in Islamabad on Thursday evening, he said suggestions of all stakeholders were taken into consideration while preparing budget. He said the present economic stability is due to collective wisdom and consultations. Ishaq Dar said when we assumed power in 2013, Pakistan was passing through a difficult time and foreign exchange reserves of the country had fallen to 11 billion dollars, with the risk of default looming on the horizon.  He said our GDP has reached 5.28 percent from 3 percent in four years time. Finance Minister said inflation rate has been decreased to less than 4 percent and the target of tax collection set at 4000 billion rupees.    


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