Special Transmission ( 1005 -1300 hrs)

President address with joint session of the Parliament in Islamabad

President Mamnoon Hussain has urged that the political process should be above individual and parochial interest for the sake of higher objectives of national progress and prosperity.The President pointed out that difference of opinion on the process of development and rights on the national resources is not unusual.However, it is also imperative to block the avenues of chaos emerging from difference of opinion through a well thought out strategy.He said this will help thwart all efforts to make the process of national development controversial.President Mamnoon Hussain referred to the steps being taken to bring Balochistan and FATA in the national mainstream and said these are part of effort to include the marginalized classes in the development process.He hoped that all segments of the society will participate in the task of national reconstruction with the same spirit.He said trade and investment friendly policies and CPEC and power projects are manifestation and components of the plan to exploit precious resources for welfare of the people.The President proposed the Government, the opposition and all the political parties should declare Vision-2025 as a national plan through consensus so that process of welfare of public is not hampered at any cost.

Live Broadcast : President address and Exclusive talk with Parliamentarians 

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