Trade and investment friendly policies, CPEC and power projects are manifestation and components of the plan to exploit precious resources for welfare of the people. The President proposed the Government, the opposition and all the political parties should declare Vision-2025 as a national plan through consensus so that process of welfare of public is not hampered at any cost. Mamnoon Hussain said Pakistan wants to resolve all disputes with India through dialogue. There can be no stability in the region without peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan has also best of relations with Islamic countries especially Saudi Arabia and also with the US. Pakistan has rendered unparalleled sacrifices in the long battle to eliminate the scourge of terrorism.

Analyst on Telephone:

Jan Achakzai (Leader, PML-N)

The President has addressed a joint session of Parliament to mark the beginning of the ruling party’s final year in government. It is also a clear indication that democratic system in the country has strengthened. The incumbent government has ensured the economic development in the country. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a game changer project and the beginning of a new era. All the political parties should have to resolve their issues and conflicts in parliament as it is the best forum in this regard.

Pakistan rejects baseless Afghan Allegation about Pakistan involvement in recent terrorist attack in Kabul

At his weekly news briefing in Islamabad, Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakariya said the accusatory approach is unhelpful towards efforts to peace. Pakistan has the highest stakes in Afghan peace and stability more than any other country of the world. Peace, stability and development will remain elusive in the region without the resolution of the outstanding dispute between Pakistan and India. India is escalating tension on the border and committing ceasefire violations in order to divert attention from the Kashmir dispute. We have caught their agent Kulbushan Yadav who has made confession twice in which he admitted that he was sent by his government to destabilize Pakistan. CPEC is a regional connectivity project which will link the central Asian states, South Asia and the Middle East.

Host: Waqas Saleem

Co-host: Zahra Sikandar

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