He was addressing the joint session of the Parliament in Islamabad today to mark beginning of the new parliamentary year. The President pointed out that difference of opinion on the process of development and rights on the national resources is not unusual. Trade and investment friendly policies, CPEC and power projects are manifestation and components of the plan to exploit precious resources for welfare of the people. The President proposed the Government, the opposition and all the political parties should declare Vision-2025 as a national plan through consensus so that process of welfare of public is not hampered at any cost. Mamnoon Hussain said Pakistan wants to resolve all disputes with India through dialogue. There can be no stability in the region without peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan has also best of relations with Islamic countries especially Saudi Arabia and also with the US. Pakistan has rendered unparalleled sacrifices in the long battle to eliminate the scourge of terrorism.

Analysts on Telephone:

Syed Saqlain Bukhari (Leader, PML-N)

The address of President in the joint session of the parliament highlighted a number of internal and external challenges that Pakistan has been facing. President also discussed our foreign policies with other countries including China, Russia, Turkey and India etc. During his address, President also appreciated the role of security forces and agencies in efforts to combat terrorism. PML-N government has managed to overcome certain challenges despite of baseless criticism by the opposition parties. Prime Minister is inaugurating development projects almost every day and opposition parties are unable to digest such achievements. Prime Minister wants to take all parties into confidence for national interests.

Maiza Hameed (Leader, PML-N)

President represents a state and assembly of the country. The President during his address talked about national solidarity and unity. President congratulated the nation on the continuation of the political process. He also highlighted Pak-China friendship and significance of CPEC as well. The opposition went all-out to disrupt the President's speech and it was the first time that opposition parties walked out as protest. Such action may weaken the democratic process. Opposition parties must have to respect the Head of a State.

Dr. Alia H. Khan (Economist)

The foreign investors are heavily investing in development projects through China Pakistan Economic corridor project. The incumbent government is making utmost efforts to overcome energy crises as it has initiated a number of power projects in this regard. The government also introduced a number of schemes that will benefit the youth of the country. We need a ground based intervention regarding health and education sector as well. The political parties must support the government in its efforts for economic development and to overcome the challenges that Pakistan has been facing.

Host: Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman

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