President to address third joint session of parliament today

In his address, the President will throw light on the performance of the government as well as the challenge of extremism and terrorism faced by the country. He will also highlight the achievements made by the security forces in this regard. The President is also likely to highlight the steps taken by the government to improve economy and overcome energy shortages. He will also talk about development agenda particularly the construction of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. He will also reaffirm the country's commitment towards good relations with the neighbouring countries for peace and stability in the region. The President will also give guidelines to the government on important issues facing the nation. President’s address would mark the beginning of the fourth parliamentary year.


Jafer Iqbal: PML(N)

“Elected government should be allowed to rule for the given time then, people can judge them better. President in his address to the joint session will tell about the performance of the current government in the last year . He  will also point out the areas where government need to do work. Those who learn from and act accordingly are called democratic. People vote for democratic forces. Democratically, Pakistan is improving a lot”.

Maryam Aurangzeb PML (N):

 “It’s a defining movement that democracy has completed another successful year. One democratic government transferred its power to the other democratic government. Nation is reaping the fruits of democracy. The kind of work is being carried out in the last four years has not been done in the last forty years”.

Mian Abdulmanan PML (N):

“the address was absolutely balanced. President, in the light of his political wisdom, has discussed about the development of Pakistan. Pakistan has always been following the philosophy of Quaid e Azam and has preferred the peace in the region.”

Lt. Gen(Rtd) Abdul Qayum:

“the address was quite prudent. The trouble between Pakistan America is the recent drone attack. Pakistan has raised her voice as it was the attack on the sovereignty of the country. America should realize that no international law allows such attacks on a sovereign state.”

Ijaz ul Haq (Parliamentarian):

“It was a comprehensive address which covered all the aspects of country’s issues.”


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