Qalla Kohna Qasim Bagh situated in Multan City has thousands years old history. A Park, Mazarat of Shah Rukne Alam And Hazrat Bahauudin zakriya, historical barbet, broken Perhilad Mander, memorable tower of British rule and one canon are present here.

History is silent about the construction year of Qalla Kohna Qasim Bagh . When the digging of Qalla Kohna Aqsim Bagh started then coins of different ages, oily lamps, oily tiles, utensils of clay and bricks of different sizes founded here. That witnesses its old history.

Narrator: Saeed Ahmad

Writer: Razi-ud-din Razi

Editing: Muhammad Hassan

Producer: Zeeshan Malik

Its a Production of Radio Pakistan Multan Center.

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