Former Foreign Secretary Najamuddin Sheikh says negations with Taliban are not possible until they recognize constitution and democratic system of Pakistan.

Speaking in Nuqta-e-Nazar programme of Radio Pakistan‚ he said in order to progress peace negotiations with government‚ militants must stop attacks in Pakistan. He said that peace talks will be fruitful only if Taliban recognize independent status of Pakistan otherwise it would face deadlock.

Regarding the foreign involvement in law and order situation of Pakistan‚ Najamuddin Sheikh said that no doubts Maulana Fazalullah‚ living in Afghanistan‚ is being supported by foreign agencies against Pakistan as they want to advance their vested interests while Talban chief also take advantage from them while carrying out terrorist activities against our country.

Speaking in the programme‚ senior analyst Suhail Mehmood said that it is good news that Pakistan and India has been exchanging nuclear installations lists on regular base since 1992. He said that aims of exchanging the lists are to bar both neighbors from attacking each others' nuclear installations to avoid nuclear war against between them. 

Suhail Mehmood termed the steps as improvement in mutual relations‚ saying that if both the countries work towards solution of other issues like Kashmir‚ no doubt the cordial relations between them would be established.

Speaking in the programme‚ journalist Neelofar Suharwardi said that there are elements in India and Pakistan who do not want cordial relations between two nations. Regarding exchange of nuclear lists between Pakistan and India‚ she termed this as an important improvement in normalizations of relations‚ saying that both the neighbors should also come forward to take similar step in other fields like entertainment‚ sports and trade etc. Regarding the future of mutual relations of India and Pakistan‚ Suharwardi expressed hope and said that relations would be improved but it takes timeto bring both that nations closer.

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