Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Barjees Tahir has said that construction and development of the highways is the basic component of the government's economic strategy because communication network is the basic component of the development of any country.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of railway level crossing and road at Sanghla Hill in District Nankana Sahib today‚ he said that whenever PML-N came into power it strengthened the motorways and highways network.

He said the under a Programme all the far flung areas will be connected with the main highways to bring the people of those areas into the main stream. 

The Federal Minister said that due to the prudent economic policies of the government the economy of the country has strengthened and trust of the foreign investors has increased.

The projects have been completed at a cost of 540 million rupees. The road will link Sanghla Hill with Sukheki.

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