Information Minister has said the government has passed maximum benefit of reduction in oil prices in the international market on to the people.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, senior journalist Irshad Ansari said: “The prices of petroleum products have been reduced in the international oil market. Present government has passed on the reduction of oil prices in international market to domestic market. This reduction will reduce inflation in the country. The fares of public transport will also be reduced after this reduction. Now, it is the duty of provincial governments to ensure the reduction in the prices of different essential commodities. To enhance the national economy, government should increase the exports of halal foods to other countries.”

Former Ambassador Mushtaq Ahmad Mehr said: “The president of United States visited India and did not come to Pakistan which has negative impact on the region. If United States wants to enhance the role of India in Afghanistan, then it will disturb regional peace. We should adopt the techniques which have been used by the Turkish leadership to eliminate sectarianism from their country. In past, we had some chances to enhance trade with Europe but we do not take advantage of this opportunity.”  

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