PML-N has won 22 seats, PTI 16 and independents 12 in local government elections in Islamabad.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, PML-N leader Barrister Daniyal Chaudhry said: “The people of federal capital have once again showed their love and affection for Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz by voting them in Local Government elections. We are fully satisfied over the recent result of poll in which PML-N is leading from Islamabad. PTI’s leadership have PML-N phobia and they are doing baseless criticism on our leadership. PML-N is the popular party and we have the roots in public which help us to get huge vote in local government elections. People of Pakistan believe that our party is sincere with them and they voted us due to our performance; whereas, people have rejected the politics of sit-ins and agitation, which was introduced by PTI.”    

MNA Maryam Aurangzeb said: “I want to congratulate the residents of Islamabad to choose their representative in a peaceful environment. PML-N has won the election from federal capital, which shows that people of Islamabad are in favor of the party like other parts of the country. Our government is pursuing the agenda of the development of country. Our government is working day and night to provide relief to the masses. We have launched several energy projects to overcome the energy shortfall from the country. The energy shortfall is not a single issue but it is the root cause of many issues.”

Provincial Minister for Law, Punjab Rana Sanaullah said: “The holding of peaceful election in Islamabad is appreciable step. People of Islamabad have showed their confidence on Pakistan Muslim league. It is a bad habit of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf that where they lose the elections they propagate allegations of rigging. The results of the local government elections of Islamabad have seconded the mandate already given to PML-N in the general election of 2013. Our party has its internal setup, which based on democracy and it will conduct interview for the post of chairman and deputy chairman. The decision in this regard will be made on merit after long deliberations.                

Legal expert S.M Zafar said: “The local government system has a immense significance because the city mayor deals with all matters relating to civic domain. Islamabad has been divided into 50 Union Councils. The elected chairmen of the Union Council are the member of the metropolitan corporation and these fifty members will also elect other members on reserve seats. Now the sixty six member of the metropolitan corporation will elect one mayor and three deputy mayor under the Islamabad Local Government Act.”

PML-N leader Senator Nihal Hashmi said: “The local government system is the beauty of democracy and the credit goes to the PML-N on holding of first ever local government elections in federal capital. The local government system will devolve the powers to grass root level by empowering the elected representatives. Now the administration is preparing to hold third phase of local government peaceful elections in Punjab and Sindh on 5th December.” 

MNA Saqlain Bukhari said: “The establishment of local government system in Islamabad is quite important because its first time when people of the capital have elected their representative on grass root level in the capital territory. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has once again faced defeat in elections. People have rejected the candidates of PTI because of their politics to derail the democracy in the country. Pakistani nation is fully united and will not tolerate anybody who will create hurdles in the way of the agenda of progress and development of the country.”

PML-N leader Ajmal Khan said: “People of Islamabad has showed their confidence on the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. The rural and urban people equally vote for the Pakistan Muslim league candidates, which negate the false propaganda of PTI that the Muslim league is the party of rural areas. People across the country are offended of PTI politics as its leader take U-turns on the national issues. He introduced the politics of protest and agitation in the country instead of playing positive role of the opposition.”

Senior journalist Zahid Malik said: “The local government election results showed that people of federal capital city supported the ruling party. The success of PML-N’s candidates seconded its policies and agenda. There were some flaws in the elections which is matter of routine. People took part in the elections enthusiastically, which is a good sign for the democracy of the country. The local government system is the third tier of governance in the country and it provides the resolve of public problems on their door steps.”  

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