Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said Pakistan is committed to the development of a responsive global climate governance framework.

Addressing World Climate Change Conference in Paris, he said Pakistan believes that a comprehensive and meaningful climate change agreement must be anchored around the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

He said the agreement should be cognizant of the needs of the developing countries in pursuit of economic growth and development.

He said it should also be holistic in scope and ambition by taking a balanced view between mitigation and adaptation aspects.

Nawaz Sharif said an effective loss and damage mechanism also needs to be incorporated into the agreement.

He said Pakistan is committed to the cause of reducing global emissions.

He said several mitigation initiatives including promotion of affordable renewable technologies, measures towards energy efficiency, implementation of mass transport systems and expansion of hydro-electrical potential are already part of our development strategy.

The Prime Minister said states with deep carbon footprints and history of large emissions should take the greatest responsibility in redressing the situation.

Nawaz Sharif said green climate fund holds the potential to provide a power stimulus towards low carbon and carbon resilient development solutions. He said there should be transparency in support provided to the developing countries.

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