US Embassy says Washington is assisting Pakistan through a number of security cooperation programmes. 

Washington says it is reviewing Pakistan's request for excess defense articles. 

Speaking in News and Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan, Lt. Gen. (R) Talat Masood, said: Pakistan is an ally of the United States in war against terrorism. It is very costly for the US to take back all the military hardware from Afghanistan. The handover of non-lethal military hardware to Pakistan will help it in its war against terrorism. New Delhi's apprehensions about the use of these military hardware against India are baseless. India itself is the biggest buyer of lethal military hardware in the world.” 

Dr. Muhammad Khan, head of IR Deptt, NDU, Islamabad, said: The strategic importance of Pakistan cannot be ignored even after withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan. Good bilateral relations will benefit both the countries in the long run. The US forces will not pull out completely from Afghanistan. Ten to twelve thousand US troops will stay in Afghanistan. After general elections, the new government in Kabul is likely to sign a security pact with the US.” 

Prof. Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal, head of School of Politics and International Relations, QAU, said: “There are chances of hand over of the used US military hardware to Pakistan. These weapons can be used in intra state conflicts. These weapons will not affect the balance of power in the region. Pakistan can use these weapons in dealing with insurgency.”

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