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Smog rises to severely high levels in New Delhi
November 01, 2019


In India, the smog has risen to severely high levels in capital Delhi.  

The Indian government's environment monitoring agency has rated today the air pollution in the city as "severe".

According to the website of the US embassy in India, levels of particulates smaller than 2.5 microns are 19 times the World Health Organization safe maximum.

The United Nations says that India is home to fourteen of the fifteen most polluted cities in the world, where according to a study, smog kills a million people prematurely every year.

Meanwhile, a Supreme Court-mandated panel has declared a public health emergency in the Delhi-NCR region and banned construction activity till fifth of this month.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Twitter that Delhi government has ordered shutting of schools till fifth of this month due to rising pollution levels.